Chip in $10

Nancy Pelosi and her America-hating allies in Congress just filed H.R. 7910, a massive new gun control bill that is designed to cripple the Second Amendment! And they plan to move this bill FAST!

If passed into law, H.R. 7910 would:

*** Make it a crime to buy an AR-15 or similar gun until you’re 21

*** Ban the sale of all magazines that hold over 10 rounds

*** Force gun owners to register all homemade (80% lower-style) firearms

*** Mandate that you lock up your firearms 24/7

*** Treat bump stocks like a machine gun, subject to the NFA Act

And this is just the beginning! Pelosi has promised to push for a total ban on the AR-15, possibly as an amendment to this bill after it passes committee and goes to the floor!

Email your Congressman immediately, tell him/her to VOTE NO on H.R. 7910 and remind them that the 2022 midterms are going to be brutal on anyone who votes against the Second Amendment.

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Alabama Firearms Association so that we have the ammo we need to keep fighting for you in Congress! Get involved at www.JOINALFA.org!