Tell the Senate: Ketanji Jackson is a Left Wing Activist!

Chip in $10

With Stephen Breyer retiring, Joe Biden is salivating over his chance to select a radical leftist gun-grabber as his replacement for the United States Supreme Court! And if the Republicans in the Senate don’t hear from gun owners, China Joe may get away with it!

Make no mistake: if Biden’s handlers can put an aggressive gun-grabber on the court, it will make it that much easier for them to attack our gun rights in court cases for decades to come.

Gun owners defeated David Chipman, Biden’s nominee to run the scandal ridden ATF. And if we push hard, we can derail an extremely anti-gun Supreme Court nominee, too — especially with the midterms already on the horizon.

But that’s only if the Republicans in the United States Senate do their job and stand up and fight for gun owners, our way of life, and the Second Amendment. The old ways of ‘giving the President his team’ are gone, as this President is a demented old tyrant who wants to use the courts to destroy our country!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION to Senators Shelby and Tuberville right away using our automated system. Insist that they VOTE NO on confirming anyone to the Supreme Court who will oppose our Second Amendment!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Alabama Firearms Association so that we can keep fighting for you in Montgomery and in D.C.! Get involved at!