Pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Chip in $10

Whereas: Joe Biden has already announced a series of Executive Orders that will unilaterally make popular firearms’ accessories illegal while he also pushes a radical gun control agenda in Congress

Whereas: Joe Biden is demanding legislation that would make me a felon for buying an AR-15 or a magazine that holds over ten rounds. In addition, Biden wants to register every gun owner in America, and may even push for mental health tests for gun owners and civil liability requirements as a condition to own a gun

Whereas: The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) would nullify federal gun control, by instructing Alabama peace officers to ignore federal gun control laws and to only enforce Alabama law where my gun rights are concerned.

Therefore: As my State Senator, I am urging you to make passage of the Second Amendment Preservation Act your top priority when session resumes, to defang the impact of Biden’s Executive Orders attacking my gun rights!