Make Alabama the Next Constitutional Carry State!

Chip in $10

Whereas: Constitutional Carry would restore the right of every Alabamian to carry a firearm to protect themselves without begging government permission or adding their name to a government database; and

Whereas: Pro-gun legislators in five states passed Constitutional Carry into law last year alone, making twenty-one states that have this law on the books, and it’s on the move in four more states right now; and

Whereas: Gun owners here in Montgomery are sick and tired of watching politicians campaign on this issue, only to do nothing to fight for it once they are safely in office. With primary and general elections less than a year away, I want to see action on this bill this year.

Therefore: As a voter in your district, I am writing to insist that you co-sponsor, champion and publicly support Constitutional Carry, so that law abiding Alabamians can enjoy the same freedoms that gun owners in almost half of the country enjoy!