Stop Gun-Grabber Steve Dettelbach!

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Steve Dettelbach was nominated by China-Joe Biden to head the corrupt ATF, and gun owners need to STOP him in the US Senate before it’s too late!

Steve Dettelbach is a gun-control radical who publicly called for banning the AR15 and passing Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration scheme that would track, trace and register gun owners like sex-offenders.

Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer know there a GIGANTIC red tidal wave of American revenge hitting Congress in November when you and I storm the polls, which will totally BLOCK their path to gun-control through Congress.

That’s why they’re trying to hammer Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to head the ATF through the US Senate right now!

The reason why is simple: Steve Dettelbach supports Joe Biden’s plan to use the corrupt ATF to enforce his unconstitutional “Executive Orders,” and Steve Dettelbach supports Joe Biden’s plan to use the ATF’s corrupt, arbitrary rule-expansion process to put EVERY firearm on the NFA list.

That’s why Joe Biden nominated him!

Gun owners need to shut down Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to head the ATF, just like we shut down David Chipman’s nomination, because Dettelbach will weaponize the ATF against American gun owners unlike anything we have ever seen in American history!

Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your US Senators right away using our automated and secure engagement platform. Make sure your senators know you damn sure expect them to ‘VOTE NO’ on Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to the ATF.

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Alabama Firearms Association so that we can keep fighting for you in Montgomery and in D.C.! Get involved at!